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What to sort before leaving NZ?

This is a guide to help you know what things to sort before you leave. There maybe more or less things depends on your situation and needs. Please use this as a starting point.

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Student loans

If you have a student loan, you may need to make arrangements to make repayments while you’re in Japan. Remember to take your IRD number with you and let them know you are leaving the country.


Passport renewals

Make sure your passport won't expire during your stay in Japan. It is possible but it becomes a bit trickier and with an extra cost to get it renewed overseas.

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Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney

It is worth granting a trusted friend or family member “Power of Attorney,” for the period you are overseas. Make a will. Pack any important documents in a box and leave it with someone you trust, e.g. your power of attorney. Don’t put it into storage as you may need access to it while you’re away.


Credit/Debit card expiration

If your credit/debit card expires while in Japan, check that the bank will send you your new one directly. If you don’t have a  credit card, get one that is internationally accepted. Many major banks will allow you to get cash advances on your card, which means you can avoid bringing excessive amounts of cash with you, and decide how much you need to survive until your first pay after you’ve arrived!

Credit Card


Insurance Policies

Consider your insurance policies at home for unforeseen events, i.e. health insurance. Even though you’ll be covered in Japan, if you decide you want to return home for elective surgery for example, you cannot claim ACC once you’ve been out of the country for more than six months.


Notify your NZ bank

Let your bank know you are going to live in Japan so they won't flag/block any transactions or suspicious IP logins from Japan to your bank account.

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Introduce yourself

Be sure to email your host institution. Let them know what you’ve got to offer and what you hope to get from your time on the programme. For example, if you hope to join a club, take Japanese language classes, or acquire a new hobby or skill, tell them. Even though they may not organise it for you, it will let them know that you’re interested in their country and give them an idea about who you are.


Contact your predecessor

Email your predecessor, if you have one, and ask questions about the job, daily routines, and extra- curricular activities around the area. See if they can point out the location of your accommodation, schools, local shops, sports centres, etc. or if they have any tips and tricks to offer you.

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Register on Travel Safe

Safe Travel is the NZ government’s travel advisory and consular information service. The site provides helpful and up-to‐date information on the status of travel in all destinations, hints for travellers and information on embassies and consulates. Kiwis travelling overseas are encouraged to register with the website before travel to allow the government to reach you in case of emergency, whether it’s a natural disaster, family matter, or civil unrest. 


Personal Matters

• Have a final check-up with your GP and dentist. Sort out anything that might cause problems over the next year. Get all your tests, smears, and checks done and attended to. Grab prescriptions for anything you might need while you’re in Japan.

• Get your hair cut. It might be a good idea to have a photo taken from all sides so you can show Japanese stylists and save yourself some pain!

• If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, visit the optometrist. Be sure to take a copy of your prescription(s) with you.

Doctor's Visit
Paying by Phone


Mobile Number

If you want to keep your NZ phone number remember you must top up on your mobile account $20 before 12 months past every year or you will lose your phone number. Download your providers phone app it helps making topping up easy and keep an eye when your 12 months is up.

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