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October Event | Hanami at Cornwall Park

In October, spring arrived a bit hesitantly and we had to postpone our event by a week but it was worth the wait! The trees were in full bloom and it was just a sea of pink amongst a gorgeous blue sky, with throngs of Aucklanders gathered amongst the branches trying to snap their annual pic.

We prefer to overfeed and overwhelm our attendees for the annual Hanami and this year was, of course, no exception... Needless to say, there was plenty to take home and very little dinner being made that day...

Even our furriest little attendee, aptly named Miso, had a blast making friends with everyone in the park!

Some cute photo shoots took place amongst the charming scenery because what else are you meant to do aside from eat, drink and enjoy the view?

If you enjoy being fed, make sure you RSVP to our December Bonenkai event fast as seats are limited!

Find details on our Facebook group, JETAA Auckland!


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